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Since the start of TAUW Foundation, 10+ dream projects have been honoured. All projects have in common that they add value to TAUW’s mission of developing sustainable solutions for a better environment.

Projects overview

Energy Escape Room (honoured in 2018)

Gaming for climate change awareness

Welcome in the Energy Escape Room, a ‘mobile space’ in which people experience the threats of climate change through games and puzzles. The Energy Escape Room aims to raise awareness for climate change on a practical level (how to lower energy usage in your house; how to install solar panels and so on) and give people ideas on how to find solutions.

Saving Oykamar (honoured in 2018)

Cleaning up contaminated soil and creating a healthier village

Oykamar is a village in Central Tajikistan that was built on the grounds of a former (Russian) pesticide distribution centre. That is why Oykamar is currently not a healthy village: its soil is severely contaminated. Children play barefoot on this soil and villagers consume vegetables that grew in contaminated topsoil. The aim of this project is to meaningfully improve living conditions in Oykamar by cleaning up the contaminated hotspots.

Climate Adaptive Schoolyard Design Tool

Greening up’ schoolyards

This project concerns a tool (to be developed) for ‘greening up’ schoolyards. The idea is to let users (schools) design their own climate-adaptive schoolyard in a broad participation process. The tool includes educational factsheets for children to learn more about climate change and its impact. Also, schools can select multiple pre-set adaptation measures and school yard equipment elements. A dedicated designer can use the tool’s outcomes to come up with a realistic design. This project is linked to Province of Overijssel’s ambition to transform all 615 schoolyards into green environments by 2025.

Water and light for all

A combined effort to increase access to water and solar energy in Senegal.

This project aims to increase access to both water and solar energy in suburban and rural communities in Senegal. The idea is to combine the network of sales points of two social business: Little Sun and Access to Water Foundation. Little Sun is manufactures and distributes solar lamps and Access to Water Foundation implements water treatment and jobs creation programmes in low income communities.

Supporting community-based energy-initiatives

Advising on discontinuation of gas for heating appliances

This proposal aims to support community-based energy initiatives in the Netherlands by providing professional advice on developing bottom-up strategies for the discontinuation of gas for heating. Instead, the focus should be on sustainable heating sources. The idea is to assist at least five energy cooperatives in the Netherlands with the development of a strategy for the use sustainable heating sources in 2019 and 2020.

Management of Lead Contaminated Sites in Bangladesh

Better remediation strategies ultimately improve lives

The informal recycling of lead-acid batteries in developing countries causes severe lead contamination of soil resulting in permanent IQ loss among local children. This is also the case in Bangladesh where exposure to lead causes more than 4% of all annual deaths. The World Bank estimates there are over 1,100 lead-contaminated sites in the Bangladesh. Pure Earth has already successfully conducted initial lead remediation projects improving the lives of 300 residents and demonstrating that remediation is feasible and cost-effective. This project aims to further improve and expand remediation strategy in order to increase awareness and build capacity for replication within the government of Bangladesh, and to directly improve the lives of residents, particularly children.

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