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Who can submit a proposal?

The TAUW Foundation does include everyone. This means that everyone can submit a proposal. In principle, our tenders (and funds) are open to anyone who proposes a dream project that fits our criteria. Our first target group is the TAUW Community, which includes customers and (former) TAUW employees. Our second target group are non-profit organizations (NGO’s). We welcome result-driven dreamers who wish to contribute to our mission and achieve societal return based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

In the end:

    • The tender is open to anyone who wishes to contribute to a sustainable living environment.
    • Successful projects and proposals have societal return and contribute to both TAUW Foundation’s vision and mission. Naturally, this requires that only the best projects are approved.
    • Healthy competition may benefit the quality of proposal, and our mission. To do so, you need to set up a consortium of at least two parties/organizations.

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