For whom

TAUW Foundation does include everyone. In principle, our tenders (and funds) are open to anyone who proposes a dream project that fits our criteria. However, our primary focus lies on the TAUW Community, which includes customers and (former) TAUW employees. Our second target group contains our most important stakeholders in countries where TAUW is active. Most importantly though, we welcome result-driven dreamers who wish to contribute to our mission and achieve social return related to Sustainable Development Goals that match that mission. Thus, in principle, the tender is open to everybody.


After all:

    • Successful high-profile projects and proposals benefit both TAUW Foundation’s profile and our mission. Naturally, this requires that only the best projects are approved.
    • It is our expectation that TAUW employees will be involved in most projects, simply because they have a vested interest in the TAUW Foundation and will be the first to know when a tender is out. In most cases, parties involved will approach TAUW employees to take part in a consortium
    • Healthy competition may benefit the quality of proposal, and thus our mission. Opening a consortium to non-TAUW employees will ensure this.

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