Tauw Foundation has a beautiful world in mind. A world that offers people a sustainable living environment

About us

We are Tauw Foundation. We support initiatives and dream projects that contribute to sustainable solutions for a better environment. Tauw Foundation was established in 2017. Our assets come from the proceeds of the sale of Tauw shares. The idea is to put these assets to good use: to contribute to a better world. The main objective of the Tauw Foundation is to encourage and (financially) support non-profit initiatives that focus on societal impact and are in line with our mission and activities. Another objective is to (financially) support Tauw Group to ensure its continuity, if necessary.

Our vision and mission

We have a dream. Our idea is to contribute to a beautiful world – a world that offers people a sustainable living environment. That is why our mission is to catalyse and support sustainable dream projects, which achieve social return related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals .

Ideals without borders: our core values

At the heart of our actions are passion, a result driven attitude, collaboration and ideals, in a context without borders. We like to think global. These are the core values that underpin the Tauw Foundation.

Foundation Board

Tauw Foundation is managed by the Foundation Board consisting of three board members. The board sets the policies of the foundation and is supported by a program office carrying out board sub tasks. The current board members are:
  • Hetty Klavers (external) - chairman
  • Carmelo Messina (external) - secretary
  • Edwin van der Strate (Tauw) -
The board is supported by a program office. Every year, the Foundation Board will provide a management report and financial accounts, which will be made public, following the preparation of the annual accounts of the Tauw Foundation.

Sustainable Development Goals

All dream projects supported by the Tauw Foundation should contribute to the UN SDGs that best fit our mission, with emphasis on:
  • Clean Water and Sanitation (6)
  • Affordable and Clean Energy (7)
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)
  • Climate Action (13)
All 17 goals are described on: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

Dream projects

Since the start of Tauw Foundation, 10+ dream projects have been honoured. All projects have in common that they add value to Tauw’s mission of developing sustainable solutions for a better environment.

Energy Escape Room (honoured in 2018)

Gaming for climate change awareness Welcome in the Energy Escape Room, a ‘mobile space’ in which people experience the threats of climate change through games and puzzles. The Energy Escape Room aims to raise awareness for climate change on a practical level (how to lower energy usage in your house; how to install solar panels and so on) and give people ideas on how to find solutions.

Saving Oykamar (honoured in 2018)

Cleaning up contaminated soil and creating a healthier village Oykamar is a village in Central Tajikistan that was built on the grounds of a former (Russian) pesticide distribution centre. That is why Oykamar is currently not a healthy village: its soil is severely contaminated. Children play barefoot on this soil and villagers consume vegetables that grew in contaminated topsoil. The aim of this project is to meaningfully improve living conditions in Oykamar by cleaning up the contaminated hotspots.

Call for projects

Tauw Foundation puts out tenders, or challenges, to invite proposals for dream projects that wish to qualify for (financial) support. Selection takes place through a tender procedure. At least once a year, Tauw Foundation puts out a tender, or challenge, to invite proposals for dream projects that wish to qualify for (financial) support. The next call is expected in Q3 of 2020. Selection takes place through a tender procedure. The Foundation Board ultimately selects proposals that qualify for funding from the full list of submitted proposals.

Invitation to tender

The call for projects is published on this website and will be distributed among the shareholders of Tauw Holding. We will also use internal communication chan­nels within the Tauw organisation. If deemed useful, the Board may decide to publish the invitation through other communication channels including Tauw.com [link naar Tauw.com] Prior to the call for projects, Tauw Foundation establishes the following aspects:
  1. The total amount of budget available for ap­proved proposals
  2. The tender process, including (timely communication of) important dates
  3. The assessment criteria (or terms of reference).
Should the Foun­dation have sufficient remaining budget after a first invitation, the board may decide to put out a second invitation in the same year.  

For Whom 

Tauw Foundation focusses on proposals that are submitted by result-driven dreamers who have a passion for sustainability, and collaboratively contribute to a beautiful world.

Tauw Foundation does include everyone. In principle, our tenders (and funds) are open to anyone who proposes a dream project that fits our criteria. However, our primary focus lies on the Tauw Community, which includes customers and (former) Tauw employees. Our second target group contains our most important stakeholders in countries where Tauw is active. Most importantly though, we welcome result-driven dreamers who wish to contribute to our mission and achieve social return related to Sustainable Development Goals that match that mission. Thus, in principle, the tender is open to everybody. After all:

  • Successful high-profile projects and proposals benefit both Tauw Foundation’s profile and our mission. Naturally, this requires that only the best projects are approved.
  • It is our expectation that Tauw employees will be involved in most projects, simply because they have a vested interest in the Tauw Foundation and will be the first to know when a tender is out. In most cases, parties involved will approach Tauw employees to take part in a consortium
  • Healthy competition may benefit the quality of proposal, and thus our mission. Opening a consortium to non-Tauw employees will ensure this.

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