Sustainable Mobility Powered by hydrogen

“A practical investigation into sustainable mobility”

“Ultimately this is about reducing TAUW’s carbon footprint and that of the entire region”

Since 2017, TAUW has been working on making its fleet more sustainable. However, electric driving is not an option for the heavy measuring vehicles that our field workers require. That is why we have submitted this dream project to TAUW Foundation. In short, the project concerns a practical investigation into the use of hydrogen powered delivery vans”, says Roger Stoeltie, project leader.

In more detail, this project involves mapping out the entire process, from the purchase of hydrogen-powered delivery vans, right up to the end of the service life. “The primary aim of this project is to both share knowledge and gain knowledge. We are lucky that TAUW Foundation offers us start-up money to start a learning process. The method involves the purchasing ten hydrogen vehicles and see what problems we come up against and use this practical knowledge to create a blueprint for other companies.”

“Of course, we don’t do this alone but in close collaboration with other parties in order to learn from each other. More specifically, this project is carried out in the Cleantech Region (in the East of the Netherlands), which has the ambition to have approximately 1,000 hydrogen vehicles by the end of 2020. To put this in context: currently, there are only fifty H2 powered vehicles in the Netherlands!”

“We cannot really speak of achievements yet, as we are still in the start-up phase. We now have four teams that each focus on certain aspects, such as which knowledge already exists, optional and additional funding, costs, technical requirements, and so on.”

“Our dream is to reduce TAUW’s carbon footprint and ultimately that of the entire region. This is very much in line with the UN SDGs as well as with the mission and vision of both TAUW Foundation and TAUW itself.”

Approved by TAUW Foundation

“Our region has a great need for more knowledge about sustainable mobility, and especially H2 powered vehicles”, say is Eefje van Empel on behalf of TAUW Foundation.

We approved this dream project because it responds to that need. It forms a necessary blueprint and gathers and shares knowledge.” It is a dream project because it very much contributes to our mission and TAUW’s mission, as well as to the SDG sustainable cities and communities.”

Sustainable development goals

This dream project relates to the following SDGs:

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